Saturday, March 14, 2009

You Won't See This On Rachel Ray

Tonight I made one of our all time favorite dinners -- Chicken Vesuvio. Bill and I love it. The flavor is completely amazing. It's a mesmerizing blend of chicken, thyme, oregano, garlic and white whine. It's noting short of intoxicating.

Bill wanted to tape me making dinner -- because video is so much better than the written word for explaining. I agreed.

10 seconds in as I heated a pan the top fell off my oil bottle into the pan. Two minutes in I sent my prep bowl of thyme flying as I smacked a clove of garlic to peel it.

These things don't typically happen to me. The top has NEVER fallen off my oil bottle, I honestly can't remember ever sending a prep dish of herbs flying -- but, I've never cooked with a camera rolling ...

The best moment, in my mind, was moving the dish from stove top to oven.

Here I must digress, the ONLY time I have seriously burned myself was by not using pot holders. I had put a pan in a 450 degree oven to finish a dish, I wisely used potholders to remove it and put it on the stove top. I turned my back to do something and then turned back to see the handle on the skillet was pointing out. My brain to hand connection failed and I grabbed that handle with my bare hand. First I heard the sizzle, then I smelled my cooking hand, then I said "Oh, why did I do that." Next I felt the worst pain of my life. Today, I have a scar to remind me. Seriously I beg of you if you don't like me and want to do me in, go for it but PLEASE DO NOT BURN ME.

So, after that and countless other "minor" burns that left a "mark," you would think I learned. Nope, camera rolling (so I thought) with bare hands, I grabbed both handles of the dutch oven that had been on the stove to transfer it to the oven.

*MOM STOP READING* (if you are offended by F-bomb's, here's your warning, stop with Mom)


[In my mind swearing has its perfectly legitimate place. This is it. So if I offended you, I sincerely apologize]

In spite of my pain, the dinner turned out wonderful. We may or may not have audio for the video. If we do, you'll see the oil bottle lid fall into the pan. You'll see me send my prep bowl flying, you won't see or hear me shout my F-bombs. But just know when you are watching the "Next Food Network Star" or "Top Chef" thinking that you would have done it differently; I bet they would have too. But the camera wasn't there when they had their best thought out response prepared. The camera was there when the oil bottle top fell off into the pan and they sent their prep dishes flying. If they were lucky, the camera was shut off when they started swearing ....

Lot's of Love,
The Whineaux

Chicken Vesuvio from Dawn Brister on Vimeo. This video is about 20 minutes.

The recipe:
4 skinless bone-in chicken thighs
1 cup flour
3 T olive oil
2T Fresh Thyme
4 cloves garlic minced (or crushed in a garlic press)
1/2 to 1 pound Red potatoes cut in half
3/4 cup white whine
3/4 cup chicken stock
2 9 oz packages frozen artichoke hearts -- thawed
2T butter.

Pre-Heat Oven to 450 degrees

Heat an oven proof dutch with oven over medium high heat.

Rinse the chicken breasts and pat dry, dredge with flour and brown in the pan. (olive oil is ready when it starts to shimmer, or a little sprinkle of flour sizzles when it hits the oil)

Remove chicken from pan, set aside. Brown the potatoes. Return the chicken to the pan and add the chicken stock and wine. Put a lid on it and place in preheated oven for 20 minutes.

Remove pan from oven, check chicken for done-ness -- you are looking for 160 degrees in the meat or clear juices running from the meat.

Return pan to stove top over medium heat. Place the chicken and potatoes on a serving platter.

Add artichokes and butter to the pan and gently stir until artichokes are heated through. Pour the sauce over your chicken and voila! Chicken Vesuvio.


  1. Hey! I love your blog. I am definitely going to try some of these recipes. You have inspired me. I thought your video was great. (I grew up with the Bristers and met you briefly at the Broken Drum in San Rafael.)

  2. Thank you so much! Sometimes I feel silly doing the video -- but it's fun. I think Bill wanted me to start blogging about food so I would stop talking about it so much! LOL